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FOS TV is proud to offer the most content for the lowest price around. This is done by keeping our fixed expenses as low as possible. Most questions and / or technical concerns are fixed by using our Customer Self-Service tools. If you have exhausted all our Customer Self-Service tools, we are here to help you, but we ask that you start there first.
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Sound Issue

Sound Issue

Refreshing your FOS App

Guide is not showing correct start times

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Channel Restart

Channel Restart

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Media Content Request

This feature allows our customers to help us decide the Network Channels / TV Shows / Movies they want to watch. We cannot guarantee that we can obtain the content you are looking for. However, we will always do our best.

Click here to submit a content request form.

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Closing FOS TV LTV Player App

Change Language and Audio Setting

FOS TV LTV App Will Not Open

Clear Device Wi-Fi MAC Address

Device Says Connected, No Internet

Setting Up FOS Services

Restart Your Modem and Router

Reboot Your Streaming Device

No Sound

Pausing Live TV, Movies or TV Shows

Searching Movies, TV Shows and Networks

My TV Guide Has No Content

How to use Multi Screen

How to use Catch Up

Streaming Issues

How to use DVR

Add Apps to Collections

Install FOS - Google Play Store

Uninstall FOS - Google Play Store

Update FOS App

Set Time Zone on your Device

Adjust Time Zone in your FOS Streaming App

Internet Connection Issue

Connecting to Wi-Fi

12-Hour and 24-Hour Format

FOS App Dissapeared

Adjusting your Screen Size

How to Setup and Use DVR

Adjusting your Sound Settings

Wrong start and end times on my guide

FOS TV LTV Player App

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Sales Questions

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